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Please read the README file before download.
Annotations (single .json file): Train+Val
Recipe ID/type: ID-type pairs
Splits: Train+Val+Test
Scripts: Download Scripts
Frame-wise ResNet feature (.csv, 23.9GB): Train+Val+Test
Frame-wise ResNet feature (.dat, 11.2GB): Train+Val+Test
All-in-one (35.1GB): YouCook2


We introduced YouCook2 dataset in our AAAI 2018 paper on video procedure segmentation. Please cite the following if you find the dataset useful:
    title={Towards automatic learning of procedures from web instructional videos},
    author={Zhou, Luowei and Xu, Chenliang and Corso, Jason J},
    journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1703.09788},